Brian Brady joins Syncbak Board of Directors

August 31, 2011

Syncbak Inc. and CEO, Jack Perry, announced today that Brian Brady, President and CEO of Northwest Broadcasting and Eagle Creek Broadcasting, has been appointed to Syncbak Inc.’s Board of Directors.  Brady is also Chairman of the FOX Affiliate Board. Prior to joining Northwest, Brian co-founded and operated Soundview Media Investments, Inc.  and was a founding partner of New Vision Television, Inc.

“As we roll out the Syncbak technology in more and more markets, Brian’s keen insight into the needs of local broadcasters, as well as consumers and advertisers, is invaluable,” commented Perry, a long time television industry leader. “His leadership, knowledge and experience make us a stronger company.”

Syncbak’s internet TV platform enables broadcasters to deliver television content to viewers using internet devices inside and outside the home. The company’s technologies create a one-to-one connection between broadcasters, advertisers, content owners and viewers, enabling delivery of personalized TV online.  Syncbak was founded in 2009 by Jack Perry.  Field tests are underway in 30 stations nationwide.

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