Syncbak Announces List of Broadcast Advisors

September 1, 2011

Syncbak’s founder and CEO, Jack Perry, announced today five broadcast members for Syncbak’s strategic board of advisors. The advisory board is a group of prominent, innovative, and supportive leaders from broadcast, network, cable, public policy and internet technology communities who share their insight, perspective, knowledge and wisdom of television trends and developments with Syncbak. The broadcasters represented serve 22% of television households nationwide, a footprint of 33,000,000 households.

“I’m highly confident that input and support from these industry professionals will have a positive impact on our technology, product and vision for the future of internet television,” commented Perry, a seasoned television industry leader. “Collaboration will be key to the success of any application and launch in this arena. We are well on our way to bringing TV to the internet in ways that enhance the existing paradigms, not simply disrupt them.”

The following broadcasters have been appointed to Syncbak’s board of advisors:

Brian Burns
VP COO at Morgan Murphy Media

Ray Cole
President & COO at Citadel Communications Company

Brady Dreasler
Director of Television Engineering at Quincy Newspapers, Inc.

Jon Rand
VP/ COO at Northwest Broadcasting, Inc.

Frederick Thomas
Chief Executive at MHz Networks

About Syncbak
Syncbak is a media technology company that is enabling broadcasters to reach authenticated viewers over the internet with an unlimited line-up of ad-supported and pay-to-view television.  The company’s proprietary hardware uses internet and over-the-air technologies to create a personalized, one-to-one connection between broadcasters and viewers. It then partners with broadcasters to stream all of the content they have or can acquire the rights to stream in their market. Syncbak was founded in 2009 by Jack Perry.

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