Syncbak powers premier viewing destinations for live-streamed local broadcast television across the US, including national feeds such as CBS All Access, Hulu and fuboTV, as well as in-market website streams, mobile station apps and Syncbak’s own direct-to-consumer platform, SBTV. AdSync, Syncbak’s proprietary DAI technology, allows advertisers to connect their brand with local TV audiences in 100% brand-safe content on any device, anytime. To learn more or to talk with one of our ad sales experts, download our sales guide or email

Advertising FAQs

On what types of content can I run ads? 

  • Live broadcast news, sports, weather and traffic reports
  • Live original content
  • On-demand content (DVR, 3rd party, station syndicated VOD and clips)
  • Live and on-demand original, syndicated programming
  • eSports, always-on live and on-demand channels

On which devices can I target viewers?

  • Desktop/Laptop
  • iOS and Android Tablets
  • iOS and Android Smart Phones
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Coming soon: Chromecast, FireTV, gaming devices, Smart TVs

On which platforms can I target viewers?

  • website
  • SBTV app available on the App Store or on Google Play
  • TV station websites
  • TV station apps

What are the specific targeting capabilities of AdSync? 

  • Individual selection of stations or streams
  • Through our partnership with SpotX, advertisers can target their audience beyond the traditional capabilities such as age, gender and DMA.
  • Targeting can be as specific as IP address, GPS, behavior, income, device, content and more.

What types of ads are supported?

  • Utilizing AdSync, our proprietary DAI technology, advertisers can run seamless ads in traditional commercial breaks on local TV station streams.
  • We also offer pre-roll video for live and VOD content.

What types of sponsorship opportunities are available?

AdSync was created with flexibility in mind. Sponsorship opportunities include, but are not limited to the below. To discuss sponsorship specific to your brand, contact

  • Full program sponsorship with exclusivity
  • Creative ad content covering entire break (VOD preferred)
  • Weather triggers
  • Create audience based networks to sell

Which agency buying platforms does AdSync connect to?

AdSync was designed to make video buying effortless, connecting all linear and digital buying systems, including:

  • Mediaocean
  • Freewheel (Strata)
  • All DSP’s
  • DFP, and more

What types of reporting are available?

In addition to supporting all tags from any buyer- initiated reporting platform, AdSync offers popular reporting capabilities from the following providers:

  • Nielsen DAR
  • Comscore vCe
  • VAST